Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day thirty. (In which I prepare for a long journey)

So it's been a while since I updated. This is for a few reasons. 1) I've been somewhat busy and have been too tired at the end of the night to think about updating. 2) The Lovely Fiancee and I have been busy with having three guests staying over for a few days while they went to GenCon (a gamers paradise). 3) I've been getting ready for a trip to Virginia.

The guests (while awesome) have taken a lot of time away from me and it's been a little harder to workout consistently while they were here. They were here from Wednesday until today to visit GenCon and have a free place to crash. Fortunately, for me and The Lovely Fiancee, two of them proceeded to provide us with lots of food as a way of saying thank you, so that was awesome and it has helped to cut down on the food costs.

Other than that, I've been carrying on as usual with working out for the most part. I'm pretty convinced that the tRainer is, in fact, trying to kill us, but he is getting results. I've almost lost 10 pounds so far and a couple of shirts that previously were wearable but were a little too tight to be comfortable, are now fitting comfortably. It was only then that I realized that I am actually losing weight in a nice way.

However, this next week will be a little difficult for working out. I'll be heading back to my home town about 600 miles away from where I am currently. This will take between 9-10 hours driving but fortunately I'll be seeing a few friends and family while I'm there. So while it is a stressful drive, the pay off is worth it. Plus, I'll be able to grab a few boxes of comics that I've been waiting to get until I had room on my shelves. Chances are though, I will not be able to work out in a gym like I would prefer. There is a gym I could use, which I think that I'll try to get out to, but it's far away and I'll have been doing a lot of driving through out my time there. So I really don't need to add extra driving for the next few days that aren't necessary.

This mean that I probably won't be updating since my time will more or less be filled with activities. Therefor, have a great week while I am gone!

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