Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Workout Plan!

Ok, ok, I know that every time I post it seems that I'm talking about some new workout plan. But this one seems more doable. Mainly because I can do most of it at home. The Lovely Girl Friend/Fiancee and I recently got married. So she will now be known as the Lovely Wife....weird, I know. Still sounds strange to me, yet right at the same time, go figure.

Anyway, a gift we got from our Hulk-like friend of ours that we got for our wedding are two kettlebells. These things are awesome. Ever see the movie Superman: The Movie with Christopher Reeves? or The A-Team with Bradley Cooper? They got their bulk by using kettlebells and little else. Well, I plan on using them. There is a workout I found that I think will help me lose weight and gain muscle. My plan currently is to start on Friday of Cardio everyday, and kettlebell/gym every other day.

I will try this for at least a month and hopefully will get some results. Updates soonish. (Maybe)