Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Workout Plan!

Ok, ok, I know that every time I post it seems that I'm talking about some new workout plan. But this one seems more doable. Mainly because I can do most of it at home. The Lovely Girl Friend/Fiancee and I recently got married. So she will now be known as the Lovely Wife....weird, I know. Still sounds strange to me, yet right at the same time, go figure.

Anyway, a gift we got from our Hulk-like friend of ours that we got for our wedding are two kettlebells. These things are awesome. Ever see the movie Superman: The Movie with Christopher Reeves? or The A-Team with Bradley Cooper? They got their bulk by using kettlebells and little else. Well, I plan on using them. There is a workout I found that I think will help me lose weight and gain muscle. My plan currently is to start on Friday of Cardio everyday, and kettlebell/gym every other day.

I will try this for at least a month and hopefully will get some results. Updates soonish. (Maybe)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The time has come the walrus said...

It's almost been a week since I set these new rules and so far I've been doing pretty well. I only drank water during the weekdays, and while I drank other things over the weekend, I still had a good bit of water as well.

Portions have been going decently. Not amazingly well, but a good change. It helps that the program I'm working with provides a late lunch where the meal is well portioned out.

I haven't increased the amount of veggies yet, but that's because I'm still looking around for good recipes. I have been able to stay away from awful foods, so this is a plus.

I have also successfully stayed away from super sugary foods as well. And I've been taking vitamins and have managed not to forget the entire week. So things have been going well. I've been to the gym everyday this week with the exception of Sunday. This may or may not have been due to the extreme frustration I have to deal with at the program I'm working at. I have found it's a lot easier to find motivation to go to the gym when you are angry/frustrated and want to burn off some steam.

Hopefully, weight will be easier to lose now with these new rules as well as the added aggravation which leads me to go to the gym more.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, it's been an amazingly long time since I last updated. This is due to numerous reasons and none of them good. However, I'll be trying to update more often from now on.

Some things that I have decided recently about diet and eating right I'm going to be starting tomorrow.

1. Portion control: I'm going to try to get a LOT better at this. I may be eating things that are good for me and not incredibly high in fat, sodium, calories, but there is no reason I should be eating 2-3 helpings.

2. Drinks: From now on, I hope, I will only be drinking water on weekdays (not including milk for cereal), and the occasional Diet Soda or Alcohol on the weekends ONLY.

3A. Food: I will avoid sweets during the weekdays pretty much at all costs. Saturday and Sunday are the only days I'll have sweet things.

3B. Food: I will be trying to eat more vegetarian meals.

4. Caution. Though I give my self allowances on the weekends, I have to be careful not to over do it. One or two sodas will not turn into six or seven one day and six or seven the next. One candy bar/bowl of ice cream will not turn into two King-Sized candy bars and/or one MASSIVE bowl of ice cream.

5. Vitamins. This one is some what more difficult because it's a small item and I frequently forget to take them. I'm not adverse to taking them, I just need to be smart and actually remember to take them. (Tips would be awesome for this).

I figure if I work on these points and exercise with weights at least three days a week I should lose weight slowly enough and healthy enough so as not to have extra skin by the time I'm near/at/past my goal for weight loss.

As a side note, I have still lost weight even though I haven't been updating. But very very slowly due to slacking off in a major way. However, one good thing is that I'm still losing weight and I'm most definitely getting stronger.

Hopefully, I'll remember to do these things and remember to update more often.