Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Workout Plan!

Ok, ok, I know that every time I post it seems that I'm talking about some new workout plan. But this one seems more doable. Mainly because I can do most of it at home. The Lovely Girl Friend/Fiancee and I recently got married. So she will now be known as the Lovely Wife....weird, I know. Still sounds strange to me, yet right at the same time, go figure.

Anyway, a gift we got from our Hulk-like friend of ours that we got for our wedding are two kettlebells. These things are awesome. Ever see the movie Superman: The Movie with Christopher Reeves? or The A-Team with Bradley Cooper? They got their bulk by using kettlebells and little else. Well, I plan on using them. There is a workout I found that I think will help me lose weight and gain muscle. My plan currently is to start on Friday of Cardio everyday, and kettlebell/gym every other day.

I will try this for at least a month and hopefully will get some results. Updates soonish. (Maybe)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The time has come the walrus said...

It's almost been a week since I set these new rules and so far I've been doing pretty well. I only drank water during the weekdays, and while I drank other things over the weekend, I still had a good bit of water as well.

Portions have been going decently. Not amazingly well, but a good change. It helps that the program I'm working with provides a late lunch where the meal is well portioned out.

I haven't increased the amount of veggies yet, but that's because I'm still looking around for good recipes. I have been able to stay away from awful foods, so this is a plus.

I have also successfully stayed away from super sugary foods as well. And I've been taking vitamins and have managed not to forget the entire week. So things have been going well. I've been to the gym everyday this week with the exception of Sunday. This may or may not have been due to the extreme frustration I have to deal with at the program I'm working at. I have found it's a lot easier to find motivation to go to the gym when you are angry/frustrated and want to burn off some steam.

Hopefully, weight will be easier to lose now with these new rules as well as the added aggravation which leads me to go to the gym more.

Monday, June 20, 2011


Ok, it's been an amazingly long time since I last updated. This is due to numerous reasons and none of them good. However, I'll be trying to update more often from now on.

Some things that I have decided recently about diet and eating right I'm going to be starting tomorrow.

1. Portion control: I'm going to try to get a LOT better at this. I may be eating things that are good for me and not incredibly high in fat, sodium, calories, but there is no reason I should be eating 2-3 helpings.

2. Drinks: From now on, I hope, I will only be drinking water on weekdays (not including milk for cereal), and the occasional Diet Soda or Alcohol on the weekends ONLY.

3A. Food: I will avoid sweets during the weekdays pretty much at all costs. Saturday and Sunday are the only days I'll have sweet things.

3B. Food: I will be trying to eat more vegetarian meals.

4. Caution. Though I give my self allowances on the weekends, I have to be careful not to over do it. One or two sodas will not turn into six or seven one day and six or seven the next. One candy bar/bowl of ice cream will not turn into two King-Sized candy bars and/or one MASSIVE bowl of ice cream.

5. Vitamins. This one is some what more difficult because it's a small item and I frequently forget to take them. I'm not adverse to taking them, I just need to be smart and actually remember to take them. (Tips would be awesome for this).

I figure if I work on these points and exercise with weights at least three days a week I should lose weight slowly enough and healthy enough so as not to have extra skin by the time I'm near/at/past my goal for weight loss.

As a side note, I have still lost weight even though I haven't been updating. But very very slowly due to slacking off in a major way. However, one good thing is that I'm still losing weight and I'm most definitely getting stronger.

Hopefully, I'll remember to do these things and remember to update more often.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We now train two times a week in order to make up for a bunch of training sessions that were missed by our trainer. This is both good and bad. Good because it means we get better workouts twice a week. Bad, because I'm in more amounts of pain from said work out. However, I am getting more out of it, so in reality it's a good thing and worth the pain.

The past couple of days has been busy. Two friends came over and hung out for a bit. One of them is about to head to England for a few months (lucky bastard) and the other is heading back to Washington State since his Americorp Vista terms ran out. Lots of tasty food and good times were had while they were here.

Tomorrow brings a new lamb roast I want to try and shopping for a Secret Santa. Perhaps the gym as well if everything goes smoothly and doesn't take long.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear God, I've been away for a while.

So I've been gone for a bit. This is due to many reasons. Looking for work, taking care of my car, taking car of my dog, going back and forth from Indy to Richmond. Anyway, it's time to quit slacking and get back to eating right and losing weight.

First, I have to mention that I'm incredibly proud of the fact that for the first time since high school I'm able to fit comfortably in to a XL Hoodie. My mom recently went to England for job stuff and brought back a XL hoodie as a gift. After a few days of not bothering with it, since it was at least a size too small, it was cold enough to need it. I ended up saying "screw it, I might as well try it on" and did so. And it fit well!

So now I have a warm hoodie AND I fit back in to an XL again. Just to be sure, I tried on a couple of old shirts from high school and about half of them fit just fine! So this is a very good thing!

On to the second point.

I've been having some problems at training recently. I blamed it mostly on the slacking for working out but about 5 days ago I nearly passed out while training. I remedied this by doing more to keep up with exercise and taking vitamins to make sure I'm getting the right amounts of everything. So far it seems to be working since I was able to go through an entire training session and felt pretty good.

I know my muscles are going to hurt like hell tomorrow, but at least I was able to finish the session.

Third, Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I spent my Thanksgiving with two of my friends in Richmond and it was AMAZING. So much good food and good company!

Anyway, that's enough for now. Time for dinner.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I return!

For the past week I have been in Virginia. While I had a great time seeing friends, I was not able to get out to the gym as I would have liked. However, it was totally worth it to be back home and see lots of friends.

I got back here Saturday night and went to work out today (Monday). Today was somewhat hard in terms of working out. While I was able to do a full workout, it was a bit of a struggle. By the time I was done, I was covered in sweat and exhausted. At least I felt great, and that made things seem better. Plus when I went and weighed myself, I found that I had gained a couple of pounds in VA (due to not eating properly or at reasonable hours) instead of four or five pounds like I was worried about.

All in all, it was a pretty good trip with a couple of bothersome moments. Now I'm back to my regular schedule.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day thirty. (In which I prepare for a long journey)

So it's been a while since I updated. This is for a few reasons. 1) I've been somewhat busy and have been too tired at the end of the night to think about updating. 2) The Lovely Fiancee and I have been busy with having three guests staying over for a few days while they went to GenCon (a gamers paradise). 3) I've been getting ready for a trip to Virginia.

The guests (while awesome) have taken a lot of time away from me and it's been a little harder to workout consistently while they were here. They were here from Wednesday until today to visit GenCon and have a free place to crash. Fortunately, for me and The Lovely Fiancee, two of them proceeded to provide us with lots of food as a way of saying thank you, so that was awesome and it has helped to cut down on the food costs.

Other than that, I've been carrying on as usual with working out for the most part. I'm pretty convinced that the tRainer is, in fact, trying to kill us, but he is getting results. I've almost lost 10 pounds so far and a couple of shirts that previously were wearable but were a little too tight to be comfortable, are now fitting comfortably. It was only then that I realized that I am actually losing weight in a nice way.

However, this next week will be a little difficult for working out. I'll be heading back to my home town about 600 miles away from where I am currently. This will take between 9-10 hours driving but fortunately I'll be seeing a few friends and family while I'm there. So while it is a stressful drive, the pay off is worth it. Plus, I'll be able to grab a few boxes of comics that I've been waiting to get until I had room on my shelves. Chances are though, I will not be able to work out in a gym like I would prefer. There is a gym I could use, which I think that I'll try to get out to, but it's far away and I'll have been doing a lot of driving through out my time there. So I really don't need to add extra driving for the next few days that aren't necessary.

This mean that I probably won't be updating since my time will more or less be filled with activities. Therefor, have a great week while I am gone!